Importers and Exporters diversify drayage providers

6 Reasons to Diversify Portfolio of Drayage Providers

In the ever-changing shipping industry, importers and exporters face a constant pursuit for efficiency, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. While managing supply chains and navigating market fluctuations, one crucial aspect that often goes overlooked is the strategic diversification of drayage companies’ or providers for intermodal shipping. While it may seem convenient to rely on a single provider for all transportation needs, diversifying a portfolio of drayage providers is crucial for shippers for these 6 reasons:

  1. Reduced Risk: Relying on a single drayage provider exposes a shipper to heightened risk, particularly in the event of service disruptions or unforeseen circumstances. By diversifying your provider base, you decrease the risk of any interruption to your business and ensure a more resilient supply chain.
  2. Improved Capacity: During peak seasons or periods of unexpected demand, a single drayage provider may struggle to meet capacity requirements. Having multiple providers on board allows shippers to access additional capacity and avoid costly delays.
  3. Enhanced Service: Diversifying one’s provider portfolio allows shippers to compare service levels and select providers that consistently meet or exceed expectations. This can lead to improved delivery times, reduced damage to goods, and overall enhanced customer satisfaction.
  4. Geographic Coverage: Drayage providers often have varying strengths in different regions. By diversifying their provider base, shippers can ensure they have adequate coverage across all geographic areas they operate in.
  5. Specialized Expertise: Some drayage providers specialize in handling specific types of cargo, such as hazardous materials or temperature-sensitive goods. By working with multiple providers, shippers can ensure they have access to the specialized expertise they need for different types of shipments.
  6. Flexibility and Adaptability: A diversified drayage provider portfolio allows shippers to be more flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions or customer demands. They can easily switch providers or adjust service levels as needed.

By embracing a diversified approach, shippers can unlock a world of opportunities to optimize their supply chain and elevate their overall business performance.  Add PITT OHIO to your list of drayage providers and contact us today to see how we can make a positive impact for your business.