Overweight containers sit at port waiting for logistics export

Drayage for Overweight Shipping Containers

It’s great news when your long-awaited shipping container arrives safely at the port with product ready for the American marketplace! However, it’s bad news when that same overweight shipping container is stuck at either an East Coast or West Coast port depot, waiting for a specialized carrier to support its inland transportation. Meanwhile, your container is now amassing demurrage fees and cutting into your profits.

Recently, an American retailer had 5 heavy shipping containers at an East Coast port, the Port of Baltimore, without a drayage solution to bring their products inland to a distribution center in York, PA. The retailer reached out to PITT OHIO’s experienced Drayage and Transloading team for help. Our international freight experts arranged for the quick retrieval of the heavy shipping containers using the appropriate tri-axle chassis required for the weight of the containers.”

With quick action, our expert Drayage service and asset-based fleet saved the retailer thousands of dollars in demurrage fees.

Importers with 20-foot shipping containers weighing above 36,000 pounds will need a tri-axle chassis for transport. The longer the 5 overweight shipping containers remained at an East Coast or West Coast port, the more the demurrage fees would continue to accrue each day.

PITT OHIO’s international team found the tri-axle chassis’ and drivers needed to dray the overweight containers to the retailer’s distribution center.  All 5 containers filled with merchandise were delivered safely, damage free, and intact to the retailers’ distribution and warehouse center in York, PA ensuring stocked shelves, happy customers, and profits for the retailer.

Satisfied with PITT OHIO’s proactive communication, the retailer hired PITT OHIO permanently to provide ongoing drayage to their inbound shipping containers each week from the East Coast port of Baltimore.  PITT OHIO invests in training to make sure linehaul drivers and staff are efficient and safe when loading, unloading, and transporting the overweight containers.  Pickup is timely and delivery service is damage-free, creating a consistent and worry-free experience for the retailer.

PITT OHIO has drayage solutions for legal weight containers and overweight containers weighing above 36,000 pounds.  We can help you with container drayage from many east coast ports or west coast ports.  Let PITT OHIO pick up your overweight shipping containers and deliver the containers damage free to your inland warehouses and distribution centers around the US.