Emergency Warehouse space for auto parts recall

Fast, Emergency Warehouse Space and Fulfillment for Automakers Now

In the course of normal business, your organization has the necessary warehouse space for fulfillment and distribution.  However, what happens when you need short term or temporary warehousing space in an emergency? It’s essential to find a reliable, clean and secure warehouse quickly, which is especially difficult in a rush.

PITT OHIO provided short term, temporary warehouse space to auto manufacturer Aurora, Illinois, near Chicago.  During a parts recall, this manufacturer needed temporary and short-term warehousing space to store the additional auto parts since their current warehouse distribution was at full capacity. PITT OHIO presented the manufacturer with immediate local warehousing options within 3 days of their request.

Beyond simply providing warehousing space for improved distribution and fulfillment, PITT OHIO was able to support the auto manufacturer with their process.  We learned that the manufacturer ships auto parts to the supply warehouse where workers unload and store the products until the car dealerships or mechanic shops place an order.  When contacted that a repair is taking place, the warehouse workers pull and ship the auto part orders via LTL and Truckload to the car dealerships or mechanic shops.   PITT OHIO manages the entire inbound and outbound traffic for the warehouse, creating simplicity for the auto manufacturer and an exceptional customer service experience for their customers.

You can rely on PITT OHIO to manage every phase in your supply chain.  It may start with temporary or short-term warehousing space for your products, but we can also complete your distribution and fulfillment with truck transportation. Coordinating a seamless supply chain solution from start to finish begins and ends with excellent customer service. Do you need emergency storage space? Do you need a complete supply chain solution from start to finish for your products? Let us help, call us today.