Importer transloads freight into a warehouse before final destination

Importers Save Time and Money Now with Final Mile Logistics

When importers contact PITT OHIO for help with containers at east coast and west coast ports, they benefit from experienced logistics professionals known for creative international shipping solutions.  Our International Manager has over a decade of experience helping businesses retrieve containers quickly from the ports and arranging for cost-effective drayage, transloading, and final mile deliveries.

An importer of medical and industrial products was expecting a shipping container of over three million medical gloves at the Port of Los Angeles, which then needed transported to a wholesaler in Oregon.   The importer was initially planning a direct drayage of the container from the LA Port to its final destination in Oregon, but that plan changed for the better following a brief conversation with our logistics team.

The importer made an inquiry to a company checking for options on moving the medical gloves, only to find a high-priced quote.  After speaking with PITT OHIO, the importer learned that we could transload the container to a local warehouse in LA first.  This solution saved the importer potential demurrage fees.  PITT OHIO was able to retrieve and return the container in a timely manner as opposed to the longer transit days to Oregon and back to Los Angeles.

PITT OHIO arranged for the LA warehouse space and warehouse workers to unload the cartons of gloves, palletize them by SKU number, and load the shipment into a dry van.  When the warehouse workers completed the job, PITT OHIO arranged for final mile delivery from the LA warehouse to Oregon.

The importer saved 20% in their budget by agreeing to PITT OHIO’s more economical solution to transload the container to an LA warehouse first.   In addition to their own budget savings, the importers customer had a better experience also.  The gloves were already palletized saving the customer time and resources when the gloves arrived.

The importer received unprecedented attention from PITT OHIO’s international team responsible for crafting this transloading, drayage and final mile solution.  By booking the entire solution with PITT OHIO, the importer saved needed time in the day because they did not need to contact and coordinate the move between multiple carriers. Trusting PITT OHIO for the entire solution proved convenient for the manufacturer and provided peace of mind the shipment would be handled promptly and damage free.

PITT OHIO has the experience importers trust for efficient and cost-effective transloading, drayage and final mile solutions. Importers from a variety of industries rely on our history of providing creative and successful transportation solutions.  Contact us today and we’ll determine if there is a more creative solution for your international shipping containers.