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PITT OHIO’s International Freight Forwarding service plans and coordinates the movement of your products across international borders. Our Global Freight Forwarding team works with importers and exporters from the first mile to the very last mile of their supply chain. Importers and Exporters trust PITT OHIO with their commodities and rely on our experience arranging efficient transport via ocean, air, and ground, and comprehensive storage and fulfillment.

Our International Freight Forwarding Specialists Guide Solutions That Deliver

Feeling overwhelmed by rising shipping costs and unpredictable schedules? You're not alone. Our Global Logistics Specialists help businesses like yours streamline their imports and exports, saving time and money. In today's unpredictable market, businesses like yours need a reliable partner to navigate the import and export intricacies. We understand your industry's specific challenges.  If you can relate to these pain points, let’s talk so we can help.

Rising Costs

Increased fuel prices, port congestion, and container shortages are driving up shipping costs, squeezing margins for my businesses.

Unpredictable Schedules

Delays due to unforeseen events (weather, labor strikes, political instability) lead to missed deadlines and lost revenue for my business.

Evolving Customs Regulations

Upper management is challenging me with more responsibility. I wear many hats throughout the day and my time and focus is spread thin.

Compliance Risks

Mistakes in paperwork or violation of regulations can lead to delays, fines, and even seizure of my goods.

Geopolitical Instability

Keeping up with trade wars, sanctions, and international conflicts disrupting trade routes and compliance has become a full-time job.

Skilled Labor Shortage

Finding and retaining qualified personnel in logistics and freight forwarding can be difficult.

International Freight Forwarding Solutions That Work

Importers and exporters who trust PITT OHIO at the first mile of transportation to the very last mile enjoy a streamlined supply chain. We understand your trade routes and volume of goods are different than anyone else’s. We collaborate with importers and exporters and provide international shipping solutions that work.

Secure competitive rates and reliable carriers

By streamlining to a single freight forwarder, customers save time and money. With strong relationships across the country, we are skilled at negotiating the ideal rate for our customers.

Ensure compliance with streamlined coordination

You will only need to deal with one contact person for all aspects of your shipment saving you time, hassle and potential errors.

Eliminate confusion at every stage

We will help you navigate through any confusion that may occur when shipping internationally from what you need for customs to understanding your Incoterms and everything in between.

Flexible solutions for a variety of industries

From simple to the most complex, we offer a variety of shipping options and services to meet the specific needs of our customer’s business.

Stay one step ahead

Real time shipment tracking and proactive updates, alerting you of any conflicts that could disrupt trade routes and compliance.

Reliability backed by a consistent workforce

Leave the important step of finding the right, qualified staff to us. We have the resources to combat the skilled labor shortage.


PITT OHIO International holds accreditations with the following regulatory bodies:

Federal Tax ID: 92-1970228

MC #: 1521393

FF #: 58811

DOT #: 4028581


FMC #: 030589NF

IAC #: NE2306001

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