Importers trust PITT OHIO for Fast Drayage with our owned chassis

Revealing the Secret to Fast Drayage and Transloading Available Now

Importers are often frustrated with containers stuck at West Coast or East Coast ports. When containers are not moved quickly, importers must pay demurrage fees which increases expenses.  PITT OHIO has a secret to expediting and speeding up the drayage and transloading process by owning our own intermodal container chassis.

As you know shipping container congestion at the West Coast and East Coast ports are made worse when trucking and transloading companies rely on a shared chassis pool.  Importers run the risk of defective or broken equipment, long wait times, or worse, unavailability. Remember the longer the container stays at the port, the higher the fees and charges.  That’s why PITT OHIO invested and places their own chassis at West Coast and East Coast ports to expediate the drayage and transloading services.

Only the safest chassis are hooked to our PITT OHIO tractors. Beyond having company owned chassis, we carefully train and certify our drivers and in-house maintenance teams to inspect, repair, and operate our chassis to the highest safety standards. This ensures for reliable transportation, and you can rest assured we will always have safe equipment available to meet your urgent needs. Instead of waiting with other trucking companies to rent an intermodal chassis, drayage from the port begins without delays. This time savings means the drivers also have more available hours of service to dray the shipping container inland as part of the transloading service.

Importers hire PITT OHIO to dray and unload containers on the East Coast and West Coast ports because we own our intermodal chassis.  Fewer delays, reduced downtimes and greater efficiency is what importers gain by trusting PITT OHIO for their drayage and transloading services.