Best warehouse in the hospitality industry

The Best Warehousing for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry needs accessible warehouse space when building or renovating hotels, office buildings, strip malls, hospitals, casinos, and more. Taking advantage of professional warehousing to store supplies during the build or renovation process allows your site to remain organized and clutter free.   PITT OHIO will also ensure your goods, fixtures, supplies and products remain in pristine condition until ready for use or installation.

We understand how important the guest experience is to the hospitality industry, so our warehousing team are ready to store your extra stock and arrange seamless transportation when you need it back in hand.  PITT OHIO has hospitality logistics experts you can trust during any phase of your project, including new construction and renovations.

We help the hospitality industry with end-to-end supply chain solutions and distribution services.

  • Coordinated, specialized project work requirements are handled with ease
  • Ongoing inventory replenishment with a reliable system you can always depend on
  • Customized shelving, racking or other storage solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Scalability for increased inventory volumes
  • Expedite transportation options for emergency situations, or when an extra guarantee is needed
  • Bundle multiple services with us so you can rely on our Supply Chain experts to handle every aspect from port container retrieval, to distribution center, to warehouse, to points of use
  • Professional White Glove service for your specific delivery requirements

A hospitality company often has a wide range of products that need to be stored and managed in a warehouse, and that’s where PITT OHIO can help! Choose from our range of logistics services for the hospitality industry, including Operating Supplies & Equipment (OSE), Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE), and Gaming Supplies & Equipment (GS&E).

Warehousing for the Hospitality Industry

Creating an enjoyable and comfortable hospitality experience for your guests starts with a coordinated operations and warehousing solution.  PITT OHIO has the expertise the hospitality industry needs for any phase of a project in hotels, casinos, strip malls and office buildings that includes temporary and short-term warehousing.  Hospitality companies trust PITT OHIO to handle freight, including containers at the ports, warehousing, delivery, and installation.  Ensure your wide range of product inventory is stored and managed in a safe and efficient manner.  Our hospitality experts are ready to help you today.