Myths versus facts when it comes to fleet management.

Fleet Management Common Myths Costing You Time and Money

The decision to outsource with a dedicated trucking company is a big one.  We understand the apprehension and that you might fear losing control, the expense, and the future of your employees.  We’re highlighting 5 myths about outsourcing transportation and explaining how PITT OHIO is the best fleet management choice to outsource your intra-company truck fleet and driver management.

1. I will lose control of my operations, data, and service standards.

We collaborate with you to understand your goals and learn what insights and data you want to see and how often. Throughout the partnership, PITT OHIO will identify ways to increase efficiency of the entire operation.

2. Outsourcing is expensive.

Take the first step to understand the cost of your intra-company fleet, including your time spent managing your equipment, employees, vendor relationships, insurance claims, etc. Next, factor in what responsibilities or tasks you’re not able to complete today because fleet management is a large part of your day.  Finally, factor into the equation the cost to replenish your fleet of trucks and equipment as they begin to age.  PITT OHIO helps companies when they realize their fleet of trucks is aging and/or no longer meets the needs of their customers.  The final calculation should also include the risk you assume with owning your own equipment and managing your own staff of drivers. By outsourcing with PITT OHIO, we manage the risk for you.

3. Fleet Management is only about equipment.

Yes, equipment is what comes to mind first for most people when they hear “fleet management.” PITT OHIO also has experience helping companies outsource a knowledgeable staff of truck drivers, yard jockeys, warehouse workers and more.

4. No single point of contact to speak to about my fleet or emerging needs.

With PITT OHIO, the line of communication is always open. You will have a dedicated account manager responsible for handling your fleet and/or drivers.  This person operates as an in-house manager for you, serving as an extension to your business for drivers, vendors, insurance providers, and more.

5. If I outsource, my driver employees will be laid off.

We understand the apprehension to outsource because of concerns about what will happen to your employees. PITT OHIO will review your employees driving records, strongly taking into consideration their safety records and look to hire them into a dedicated role.

With so many important functions necessary for a successful business, we can provide a worry-free, day-to-day fleet management of your trucks and employees. Outsourcing with a dedicated trucking company will allow you to increase efficiency and refocus on the core of your business.  By understanding the truth versus popular myths, you can make the best decision for your business.  Ready to get started?  Connect with a PITT OHIO account manager today to access your fleet management needs.