Dedicated Fleet Management

Expert Fleet Management Solutions That Deliver On Reliability

PITT OHIO’s Dedicated Fleet Management solutions allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while our expert staff manage the logistics details. Your clients will receive the same level of customer service they have come to expect from you because we treat your business like it is our own.

Let us minimize the stress of managing your own fleet.

More and more companies are now focusing on their core competencies and are trusting to outsource their logistics to specialists like PITT OHIO. If you can answer yes to one or more of these pain points below, we have the transportation solution for you.


Rising Costs

From equipment to labor, the rising costs to run my own fleet is no longer practical for my business.


Equipment Setbacks

My equipment is aging. New equipment orders are delayed and parts are harder to obtain for repairs I need to make.


Growing Responsibilities

Upper management is challenging me with more responsibility. I wear many hats throughout the day and my time and focus is spread thin.


Labor Shortage

My company is struggling to recruit and retain drivers, mechanics and dock labor. Finding time to continually train new and current staff continues to overwhelm me.

Benefits of Outsourcing Truck Fleet and Staffing

Outsourcing truck fleet and staffing to a dedicated fleet trucking company like PITT OHIO can offer many benefits for a company. Outsourcing your truck fleet means our equipment and our drivers run your routes.  In addition to worrying less about what goes into managing your fleet, here are some advantages when you outsource to PITT OHIO:


Fleet management outsourcing can lead to significant cost savings for a company. Instead of investing in expensive trucks and equipment, a company can pay a fixed fee to a dedicated trucking company that includes all the necessary equipment, staffing, and maintenance costs.


A dedicated trucking company like PITT OHIO has the expertise and experience to handle all aspects of transportation logistics. This includes any equipment malfunctions, as most have the ability to repair it in-house.  They can ensure that shipments are delivered on time and in good condition, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Outsourcing transportation allows a company to adjust its trucking needs to meet changing demands. If a company experiences a sudden increase in shipping volume, it can easily scale up its operations by outsourcing to a dedicated trucking company.


Choosing to outsource a dedicated freight carrier can reduce a company's liability in case of accidents or other incidents. The trucking company is responsible for maintaining and insuring its fleet and drivers, which can limit a company's exposure to risk.


Outsourcing can allow a company to focus on its core business activities. By entrusting transportation logistics to a dedicated trucking company, manufacturers and shippers can free up resources and focus on their core competencies.

If reducing costs or liability, increasing flexibility, and improving service quality appeal to you and your business, contact PITT OHIO today.  We are fleet management experts in the Mid-Atlantic region including Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey who can help take care of your fleet operations and staffing while you focus on your core business activities.

Dedicated Fleet Management Menu

We will help you select from our menu of operational functions to build your dedicated fleet management solution. Together, we will pick and choose what will fit your operation the best.


Equipment & Vehicles

Sprinter Vans
Box Trucks
Non CDL Box Trucks
CDL Tractor Trailers
Freeze Protection Trailers and Straight Trucks
Liftgates to handle a variety of dock scenarios


Driving Routes

Dock to dock
Custom locations


Labor Assignments

Yard jockeys

Dedicated Fleet Management Solutions That Work

We will make an immediate impact on your transportation and logistics strategy. After you share your needs with us, we assume the responsibility to implement a solution to help you. Your business will run smoothly and support future growth with a solution that works.


Trust the Experts

Rely on our transportation experience with equipment and staffing efficiencies to answer growing capacity constraints and labor shortages.


Happy Customers

Help your customers stay ahead of any unforeseen delays because of the proactive communication from your dedicated fleet manager.


Priority Attention

Your business is important and receives priority attention throughout the entire solution to minimize disruption to your operation so you can focus on your growing business.


Reduce Risk

We will carry the risk and liability giving you one less thing to worry about every day. Service disruptions are diminished with our guaranteed, large pool of drivers and fully-staffed mechanic shops.

Outsource Truck Drivers With A Dedicated Transportation Service

Driver recruiting and retention is a top concern for fleet managers.  PITT OHIO is a dedicated transportation leader providing labor management for companies across many industries, including: healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, and more.  Our knowledgeable team of human resources and safety professionals provide the capabilities needed to find, train, and retain truck drivers, while 40+ years of trucking experience ensures your business complies with all regulatory requirements. Below are common concerns of many fleet managers and how PITT OHIO’s dedicated transportation service is designed to help with hiring the best truck drivers.


Staffing During Driver Shortage

We assume the stress that comes with finding qualified truck drivers for your business needs.  The drivers that are hired will represent your company in a professional manner when delivering your products or when they are out on the highway.


Up to Date Driver Training

Truck driver training is an ongoing responsibility requiring continuous attention to ensure drivers are up to date on new truck technology and truck driving safety practices. PITT OHIO will be responsible for truck driver training ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and communities.  Read more about PITT OHIO’S Safety and Security priorities and how the proactive approach is used.


Compliant with Federal and State Regulations (Compliant with DOT)

Private fleet managers spend a significant amount of time making sure truck drivers follow the many federal and state regulations.  Outsourcing transportation and driver management to PITT OHIO means we will maintain the proper paperwork required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).  We also manage the mandatory drug testing and driver protocols for returning to work after an injury.


Reduce Risk & Exposure

When a company chooses to partner with a dedicated trucking company to maintain its dedicated driver pool, it shifts the significant risk and exposure related to insurance. PITT OHIO’s safety program is a recognized industry leader, and we can standardize it for you to ensure compliance and minimize risk. Find more details on PITT OHIO’S recent 2023 Safety Awards here.

When trucking is not your main business, drivers are likely a small subgroup of your employee base.  Hiring, managing, and retaining truck drivers is a burden PITT OHIO can handle for you, providing both cost and time savings to your business.  By outsourcing driver management to us, PITT OHIO will reduce your risk and liability because we will handle staffing, training, and ensuring your staff of drivers follow federal and state regulations.

Fleet of tractor trailers

Ship Fragile Freight Without Damages Using Our Dedicated Truck Fleet

Based on a 2022 national survey, shipper’s number one priority is ensuring products are not damaged.  Guaranteeing products arrive intact is important for shippers, but it is an essential requirement when you’re shipping glass windows.  The unique handling characteristics of the specialty windows, supplies, and materials that they ship make the product highly susceptible to damage in the LTL trucking environment.  A window glass manufacturer contracted with several LTL truck providers before realizing a dedicated fleet management solution with one LTL provider would help control damages.

Building the Best Dedicated Solution

PITT OHIO consulted with the manufacturer to understand the ebbs and flows in their supply chain.  As a result, a flexible dedicated fleet management solution was designed to adapt to those varying business conditions.

PITT OHIO developed a customized operation and pricing solution to give the manufacturer more control of their fragile products in transit.  With a dedicated fleet management program, the manufacturer simplified carrier monitoring to one company.  The PITT OHIO staff of delivery drivers and handlers received specialized equipment and product handling training.

Implementing a Scalable Solution

A handful of additional drivers received equipment and product training to accommodate peaks in the client’s business levels. Conversely, when business levels declined, PITT OHIO could share costs with the client by using the dedicated drivers and equipment in the PITT OHIO LTL operation.  By contracting with one carrier, the manufacturer gains control over processes and staffing to ensure damage-free service.

Continued Improvements & Cost Savings

After the dedicated transportation solution was implemented, a PITT OHIO manager identified an area where daily miles could be reduced. As a result, the productivity of the program was enhanced and the costs to the customer were reduced. By going further than the initial requirements, PITT OHIO was able to give this customer a solution that provided them flexibility along with a cost savings.  The window manufacturer not only saw their products shipped damaged free, they felt the entire PITT OHIO team was an extension of their operation.

Fragile products require extra care
Fleet of white trucks at warehouse
Dedicated Driver looks at glass windows in warehouse

Delivering fragile freight that is vulnerable to damage requires special handling and equipment. Avoid the challenges in managing service across multiple truck providers, and outsource transportation with PITT OHIO and a dedicated solution. When manufacturers trust their fleet management with PITT OHIO, they can grow their business and eliminate the headache of managing multiple carriers on their own.

How to Outsource Your Truck Fleet

Assess your fleet
Logistics experts create custom plan for truck fleet

Outsourcing your intra-company truck fleet to a dedicated company can provide both time and cost savings to your business.    When you outsource your fleet, you collaborate with a team of skilled transportation experts.  These experts transition the responsibility of managing and maintaining your company’s vehicles.  The transition also provides a logistics partner who knows the ins and outs of fleet management, including truck driver management.

PITT OHIO has been offering Dedicated Transportation services since 2010.   PITT OHIO offers dedicated transportation services that will fit your business needs when looking to outsource your fleet.

  • Assess your current fleet
  • Determine your operational needs
  • Create a custom plan that works for the short-and long-term needs of your business

From there, the dedicated transportation company takes over the day-to-day operations of your fleet, including everything from vehicle maintenance to driver management and more.

PITT OHIO, is ready to outsource your intra-company truck fleet.  With expert management and maintenance of your vehicles, provided by PITT OHIO, you will have more time available to focus on other aspects of your business, such as improving products or services and growing your customer base.

Route optimization for the most efficient truck delivery

Route Optimization Important to Shippers Outsourcing Transportation

The trucking industry is constantly changing.  Rising demand for e-commerce, same day delivery and the shortage of truck drivers are causing businesses to find new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Is your in-house fleet struggling to keep up with the business demands of today and tomorrow? By outsourcing transportation to us, PITT OHIO can help you with dedicated fleet services like route optimization. We diagnose costly underlying issues of your existing fleet, routes and shipment characteristics, then put a plan in motion to combat these shortfalls.

Route optimization in trucking is the process of finding the most efficient route for a truck to take to deliver goods to its destinations. This is done by considering a variety of factors, such as the location of the stops, the weight and dimensions of the load, the speed limits and traffic conditions, and the driver's preferences. Here are some of the reasons why it is important for shippers to optimize their routes:

  • Reduced fuel costs. By optimizing routes, shippers can avoid unnecessary miles and fuel consumption. This can lead to significant savings, especially for companies with large fleets.
  • Improved delivery times. By planning routes carefully, shippers can avoid traffic congestion and other delays. This can help to ensure that shipments arrive on time, which is essential for meeting customer expectations.
  • Increased driver safety. By avoiding unnecessary miles and traffic congestion, drivers can reduce their exposure to hazards. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles. By avoiding unnecessary miles and harsh driving conditions, vehicles can last longer and require less maintenance. This can save money in the long run.
  • Increased efficiency. By reducing the time it takes to deliver shipments, shippers can free up resources that can be used for other purposes. This can lead to a more efficient and productive operation.

With constantly changing market conditions and increased demands from your customers, finding ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs is essential.  Route optimization is one way businesses can look inside of their supply chain to address these challenges. When routes are carefully planned, shippers can save money, improve delivery times, increase driver safety, reduce wear and tear on vehicles, and increase efficiency within the supply chain.

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Dedicated Fleet Management

PITT OHIO has 25 strategic terminal locations to support your transportation needs. Our terminals are located in key cities that serve as hubs for drivers, services, and equipment. Our strategic locations enable us to quickly provide drivers, fleet maintenance support and meet your changing needs.

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