Drayage and Transloading

Trusted Port Services: Drayage and Transloading

PITT OHIO’s drayage and transloading service is faster and more effective at retrieving containers from all major East Coast ports and West Coast ports. Count on us for drayage and transloading from the New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and Los Angeles Ports, or anywhere you import containers. Importers are happy because their products are transported and distributed to their final destination faster avoiding costly per diem charges and demurrage fees.

Let us help you overcome the challenges of ocean freight shipping at the CA, NY, NJ, and VA Ports.

PITT OHIO provides drayage and transloading services for West Coast Ports in California and East Coast ports, including NY. NJ, and VA Ports. Congestion is happening everywhere in the supply chain, and importing your products from overseas adds another level of complexity. If you’re frustrated and time is of the essence, our West Coast and East Coast drayage and transloading service will help you clear the congestion at the ports and deliver on time.


Trapped Containers

There are just not enough trucks and drivers to retrieve my containers from the ports.


Excessive Fees

I’m accruing demurrage fees every day my containers sit at the port, resulting in a busted budget and unhappy customers because of product delays.


Unreliable Trucking

My existing relationships are canceling or delaying carrier pickup.  When trucks do pick up the containers, service failures continue to disappoint me.

Strong Relationships In and Around East Coast Ports

We have strong ties in and around East Coast port locations like the Port of New York and New Jersey.  Our fleet picks up and moves your container and contents through major highways and with our network of service providers.

Using our fleet and strategically located warehouses, we can retrieve your containers, offload and repack and transport them quickly inland. We are faster at retrieving your containers and more creative at finding ways to transport and distribute your product.

What are Drayage and Transloading Services

When a shipment arrives at an East Coast or West Coast Port, a trusted Drayage service can take that shipment and transport it to a destination, typically a local warehouse near the port. Transloading service unloads freight from one mode of transportation and reloads it to another before it reaches its final destination (e.g. Ocean, Rail, LTL trucks and FTL trucks). For inland transportation, Final Mile Service is used to deliver the cargo to its final destination.

Drayage service is considered to be the first mile in the supply chain and it is one of the most important steps. A seamless drayage service on the front end ensures the journey from ship to final destination is a success for importers.  It is reported that there are over 60 million drayage movements each year in North America.

Let’s take a look at how PITT OHIO uses Drayage, Transloading, and Final Mile Transport to help importers with their cargo at the ports, railheads, inland and warehouses.

Drayage, Transloading and Final Mile Transport
Drayage via truck
Drayage and Transloading Services
Transloading and Drayage Services

Importers use a combination of ship, truck, and/or rail to get their products to the buyer’s warehouse. and to the shelves for consumers. There are many steps within the supply chain to get your cargo from ship to shelf, and importers are turning to PITT OHIO for exceptional Drayage and Transloading services.

Drayage and Transloading FAQ’s

Get the answers you need to your questions about Drayage and Transloading Services

Drayage and Transloading are two important processes in the supply chain. Here are the top questions asked by our customers, and the answers from PITT OHIO Drayage and Transloading experts.

FAQ's for drayage and transloading questions

Drayage and Transloading Solutions Covering East Coast Ports

We know the challenges that importers are faced with at the NY and NJ ports.  Our logistics network is strong and one you can depend on.   We have dedicated staff who find, track and move your containers to their destinations safely and on-time. We listen to truly collaborate and provide a solution that works.


Experts at Transportation

Years of experience engineering out of the box, creative solutions that can save you time, money, and aggravation.


Capacity Locaters

Take advantage of the strong relationships we have with the ports and the network of transportation and warehouse providers we have across the country.


Simplify Your Day

We manage the entire drayage and transloading solution for you.  You’ll have 1 point of contact who stays up to date and provides unprecedented attention to detail.


Outstanding Communication

You’re in control how often and how many updates you want to receive from our international manager.  Consider them to be another member of your team you can trust is on top of your solution every step of the way.

Importers and Exporters diversify drayage providers

6 Reasons Shippers Diversify Their Portfolio of Drayage Providers

In the ever-changing shipping industry, importers and exporters face a constant pursuit for efficiency, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. While managing supply chains and navigating market fluctuations, one crucial aspect that often goes overlooked is the strategic diversification of drayage companies’ or providers for intermodal shipping. While it may seem convenient to rely on a single drayage provider for all transportation needs, diversifying a portfolio of drayage providers is crucial for shippers for these 6 reasons:

  1. Reduced Risk: Relying on a single drayage provider exposes a shipper to heightened risk, particularly in the event of service disruptions or unforeseen circumstances. By diversifying your provider base, you decrease the risk of any interruption to your business and ensure a more resilient supply chain.
  2. Improved Capacity: During peak seasons or periods of unexpected demand, a single drayage provider may struggle to meet capacity requirements. Having multiple providers on board allows shippers to access additional capacity and avoid costly delays.
  3. Enhanced Service: Diversifying one's provider portfolio allows shippers to compare service levels and select providers that consistently meet or exceed expectations. This can lead to improved delivery times, reduced damage to goods, and overall enhanced customer satisfaction.
  4. Geographic Coverage: Drayage providers often have varying strengths in different regions. By diversifying their provider base, shippers can ensure they have adequate coverage across all geographic areas they operate in.
  5. Specialized Expertise: Some drayage providers specialize in handling specific types of cargo, such as hazardous materials or temperature-sensitive goods. By working with multiple providers, shippers can ensure they have access to the specialized expertise they need for different types of shipments.
  6. Flexibility and Adaptability: A diversified drayage provider portfolio allows shippers to be more flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions or customer demands. They can easily switch providers or adjust service levels as needed.

By embracing a diversified approach, shippers can unlock a world of opportunities to optimize their supply chain and elevate their overall business performance.  Add PITT OHIO to your list of drayage providers and contact us today to see how we can make a positive impact for your business.

Nearshoring for Global Expansion

Nearshoring: A Smarter Approach to Global Expansion

Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to expand their reach and tap into new markets. One strategy that has gained significant traction in recent years is nearshoring. Drayage shipping services from PITT OHIO play a critical role in nearshoring by acting as the bridge between international and land-based transportation. We ensure the seamless movement of goods between ports and warehouses, which is essential for nearshoring operations to succeed.

Nearshoring involves relocating a portion of your business operations to a geographically close country. This typically means moving operations to a neighboring country or one within the same time zone, which has major communication and quality-control benefits. This is different from offshoring, which involves moving operations to distant countries, often with significant cultural and time zone differences.

Drayage companies like us specialize in short-distance hauling, leading to faster delivery of goods compared to traditional trucking companies. This is especially beneficial for businesses relying on just-in-time inventory management.

Navigating customs clearance can be a complex and time-consuming process, often causing delays and potential penalties for businesses unprepared for its intricacies. That's where PITT OHIO comes in to partner with you and lend our expertise to ensure your goods maintain a smooth, compliant journey through customs.

We offer warehousing solutions across the United States, providing you with secure and convenient facilities for your goods near ports or distribution centers.  Once items have been cleared and you are ready to get your products to market, warehousing in the right location is an important consideration.  We offer cross-docking solutions where goods are unloaded from one truck and directly loaded onto another.

If you're considering expanding your business operations globally, partner with our reliable and experienced drayage shipping experts.  We will help you overcome the challenges of nearshoring while you obtain the benefits of a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Reducing Cost and Time for Importers Drayage, Transloading, and Final Mile Services

When importers contact PITT OHIO for help with containers at east coast and west coast ports, they benefit from experienced logistics professionals known for creative international shipping solutions.  Our International Manager has over a decade of experience helping businesses retrieve containers quickly from the ports and arranging for cost-effective drayage, transloading and final mile deliveries.

Transloading into a warehouse to palletize freight before final destination

An importer of medical and industrial products was expecting a shipping container of over three million medical gloves at the Port of Los Angeles, which then needed transported to a wholesaler in Oregon.   The importer was initially planning a direct drayage of the container from the LA Port to its final destination in Oregon, but that plan changed for the better following a brief conversation with our logistics team.

The importer made an inquiry to a company checking for options on moving the medical gloves, only to find a high-priced quote.  After speaking with PITT OHIO, the importer learned that we could transload the container to a local warehouse in LA first.  This solution saved the importer potential demurrage fees.  PITT OHIO was able to retrieve and return the container in a timely manner as opposed to the longer transit days to Oregon and back to Los Angeles.

PITT OHIO arranged for the LA warehouse space and warehouse workers to unload the cartons of gloves, palletize them by SKU number, and load the shipment into a dry van.  When the warehouse workers completed the job, PITT OHIO arranged for final mile delivery from the LA warehouse to Oregon.

The importer saved 20% in their budget by agreeing to PITT OHIO’s more economical solution to transload the container to an LA warehouse first.   In addition to their own budget savings, the importers customer had a better experience also.  The gloves were already palletized saving the customer time and resources when the gloves arrived.

The importer received unprecedented attention from PITT OHIO’s international team responsible for crafting this transloading, drayage and final mile solution.  By booking the entire solution with PITT OHIO, the importer saved needed time in the day because they did not need to contact and coordinate the move between multiple carriers. Trusting PITT OHIO for the entire solution proved convenient for the manufacturer and provided peace of mind the shipment would be handled promptly and damage free.

PITT OHIO has the experience importers trust for efficient and cost-effective transloading, drayage and final mile solutions. Importers from a variety of industries rely on our history of providing creative and successful transportation solutions.  Contact us today and we’ll determine if there is a more creative solution for your international shipping containers.

The Secret to Fast Drayage and Transloading

PITT OHIO Tractor trailer chassis and container

Importers are often frustrated with containers stuck at West Coast or East Coast ports.  When containers are not moved quickly, importers must pay demurrage fees which increases expenses.  PITT OHIO has a secret to expediting and speeding up the drayage and transloading process by owning our own intermodal container chassis.

As you know shipping container congestion at the West Coast and East Coast ports are made worse when trucking and transloading companies rely on a shared chassis pool.  Importers run the risk of defective or broken equipment, long wait times, or worse, unavailability. Remember the longer the container stays at the port, the higher the fees and charges.  That’s why PITT OHIO invested and places their own chassis at West Coast and East Coast ports to expediate the drayage and transloading services.

PITT OHIO tractor trailer pulls chassis

Only the safest chassis are hooked to our PITT OHIO tractors. Beyond having company owned chassis, we carefully train and certify our drivers and in-house maintenance teams to inspect, repair, and operate our chassis to the highest safety standards. This ensures for reliable transportation, and you can rest assured we will always have safe equipment available to meet your urgent needs. Instead of waiting with other trucking companies to rent an intermodal chassis, drayage from the port begins without delays. This time savings means the drivers also have more available hours of service to dray the shipping container inland as part of the transloading service.

Importers hire PITT OHIO to dray and unload containers on the East Coast and West Coast ports because we own our intermodal chassis.  Fewer delays, reduced downtimes and greater efficiency is what importers gain by trusting PITT OHIO for their drayage and transloading services.

Railhub freight congestion

Avoid Rail Line Congestion and Choose Direct Truck Drayage Services

The tightening of the economy has created a surge to save transportation and shipping costs.  More importers are choosing to ship freight via rail lines because rail transport is often times less expensive than trucking for long distances.  But, in reality, this approach to save cost is doing the opposite. The increased congestion on the rail lines is causing freight delays throughout the supply chain which means shippers and importers are incurring additional costs.  PITT OHIO can help you with transloading and drayage solutions that fit within your budget and decrease your time being delayed at the rail.

We know the frustration you must feel when your freight is delayed on the rail lines.  More and more importers try to save money with their transloading services by putting their containers on the rail lines, instead of arranging for standard direct drayage services or using a truckload shipping option from the port.

Congestion occurs on rail lines for a variety of reasons:

  1. Volumes may exceed capacity of a given line
  2. Intersecting lines may cause trains to be delayed while waiting for another train to pass
  3. Situations where crew members are unable to continue working due to operational and regulatory limitations, particularly when there is no replacement crew available to take over their duties.
  4. Unexpected external events such as weather or natural disaster
  5. Labor union strikes

Congestion at the railheads does not just cause delayed deliveries though.  You can also incur demurrage and per diem costs similar to the coastal ports if your container sits at the railhead for too long upon arrival or you don’t return the container to the railhead within a certain amount of time.  Imagine you are expecting your container to arrive at the rail head on Monday, but it is delayed. Its actual arrival is unknown because of congestion on the rail lines.  This rail delay is further complicated by the truck transportation arrangements you made.  You’ve arranged for the truck to retrieve the container on its expected arrival day of Monday, but when the container actually arrives 4 days later, you are not able to arrange for truck transportation, leaving your container to sit at the railhead.  Insert demurrage fees.

With PITT OHIO, you have the option to avoid rail delays all together by transloading a shipment of imports via trucks. This is the best choice for more time-sensitive freight. We have various transloading facilities across the United States, including our own terminals – like Allentown, PA, Norristown, PA and Indianapolis, IN, just to name a few – where we can unload and devan containers, store products, and facilitate delivery appointments.

If your operation is set on using rail lines though, we can also transload once a container has arrived into the final rail spur.  We offer importers the flexibility for what is best for your goods.  Using rail for transloading is ideal when delays are at a minimum, storage space for the goods is limited, or the final destination is a far distance.

Rail transport is often less expensive than trucking for long distances.  When your freight is not time sensitive, you can let it sit on the rail moving slowly through the supply chain.  However, when congestion causes rail delays and subsequent costs from demurrage and per diem charges start adding up, call PITT OHIO.  Importers choose PITT OHIO for cost-effective, strategic port and rail transloading and drayage services.

Tips to Avoid Double Brokering Drayage and Transloading Freight

Double brokering, as defined in transloading and drayage logistics, is a practice in which a broker accepts a load or shipping container from an importer and then re-brokers it to another broker or carrier without the knowledge or consent of the shipper/importer. It is illegal in the United States for a broker to hide that they are using an additional broker, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) protects importers from unethical double brokering practices.

Breathe a sigh of relief, PITT OHIO’s transloading services and drayage services are primarily asset-based and very rarely is even a single broker used. We take a consultative approach to understand your container import needs and are upfront and honest with importers about the details of the transloading and drayage services we arrange. Reputable companies that have the proper resources and capacity to handle your freight will avoid putting shippers and importers in a double broker situation. Read on for further explanation of the risks associated with re-brokered freight, and how you can avoid getting caught in a costly double broker contract.

There are a number of reasons why double brokering is considered to be a negative practice.  Shippers should be aware of this practice and the risks involved, which include:

  1. Delays in the delivery of freight
    Double brokering adds an extra layer of bureaucracy to the transportation process. Communication delays or inconsistent direction in the chain of command could cause delivery issues as well.
  2. Higher transportation costs
    When a broker double brokers a load, they are essentially taking a commission from both the shipper and the carrier. This can add significant costs to the transportation process.
  3. Safety risks
    Double brokering puts the freight in the hands of a carrier that they may not know or trust. This can create safety risks for the freight and for the people who are handling it.

Here are some tips for shippers to avoid double brokering:

  • Do your research. Before you hire a broker, do your research to make sure that they are reputable and that they do not engage in double brokering.
  • Get everything in writing. When you hire a broker, make sure that you get everything in writing, including the terms of the contract and the broker's fee structure. This will help to protect you if the broker tries to double broker your load.
  • Be aware of the signs. If you suspect that a broker is double brokering your load, there are a few signs that you can look for. These include:
    • The broker is unable to provide you with the name of the carrier that will be transporting your freight.
    • The broker is unwilling to give you a written contract.
    • The broker's fee structure is unusually high.

By following these tips, shippers can help to avoid double brokering and protect themselves from the negative consequences of this practice.  PITT OHIO’s consultative approach means we take the time to understand your drayage needs, which leads to a seamless experience for importers.

Our Transloading & Drayage Customers Say It Best

“Recently we ran into an issue where we needed to move a container inland and it was mistakenly only booked to LAX. Where did we turn? To our trusted partners at PITT OHIO. Their Supply Chain team got to work immediately and offered us solutions that met our needs, at a competitive price. We ended up deciding to transload in California and truck to final destination. From beginning to end, they handled it with exceptional service levels that met our every need.”

John, Glove Manufacturer

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