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PITT OHIO’s warehousing and distribution centers in the New York and New Jersey area are the cost-effective, efficient and customizable answer to your supply chain needs.

Our Expert Warehousing Specialists Help To Manage Your Inventory Challenges in New York & New Jersey

We understand what you’re facing and the warehouse and distribution challenges you are dealing with. Warehousing space is getting more limited, especially near East Coast ports, and supply chain demand has you rethinking how to manage your inventory. If you can relate to the pain points below, let’s talk so we can help.


Strapped down by long-term contracts

I need space and I need it fast. But I’m unsure how many weeks or months I will need it and I’m not thrilled about signing a long-term contract.


Order fulfillment window is limited

There’s a high demand for my product. I need to be able to fulfill orders late in the day to satisfy my customers. With a cut off time in the early afternoon, I’m not meeting my customers’ needs and I am unable to grow my business.


Depleted warehouse space

The trouble at the ports and product shortages negatively impacted my business the last couple of years. To compensate, I ordered more and now my warehouse space is overflowing with raw materials or finished goods to support my manufacturing processes.


Inventory management gives me a headache

I don’t have the time to look at the reports to analyze my data to determine the best way to manage my products. Customer demand is high and time is limited. I need to find ways to create better efficiency within my operation.

Warehousing and Distribution Solutions for a Variety of Industries

We understand there are many things to consider when choosing your warehouse provider.  Location and cost are important considerations, but you gain peace of mind by choosing a provider who has warehouse and storage expertise in your industry.  PITT OHIO has experience helping a variety of industries with storage, handling and transportation of goods.

Solar warehouse and distribution

Solar Warehousing & Distribution

Solar-specific warehousing facilities typically have features such as climate control, security, and specialized racking systems for storing solar panels.

Food grade warehouse and distribution

Food Grade Warehousing & Distribution

The food grade industry has strict regulations that must be followed to ensure the safety of food products. Warehousing facilities for the food grade industry have features such as temperature control, pest control, and specialized racking systems for storing food products.

Hospitality warehouse and distribution

Hospitality Warehousing & Distribution

The hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that provide food and lodging to guests. We have experience in hotel logistics, hospital logistics, casino logistics and office building logistics.   Warehousing facilities for the hospitality industry need to be able to store a variety of goods, including food, beverages, linens, and furniture.

Fragile freight warehousing and distribution

Fragile Freight Warehousing & Distribution

The fragile freight industry includes goods that are easily damaged, such as electronics, glassware, and artwork. Warehousing facilities for the fragile freight industry need to be able to store these goods in a way that protects them from damage.

When choosing a warehousing solution for your business, it is important to consider the specific needs of your industry. Different industries have different requirements for the storage, handling, and transportation of goods.  Let’s talk so we can learn more about your warehousing needs and determine how PITT OHIO can help your business.

Short Term and Temporary Warehouse Space

In the course of normal business, your organization has the necessary warehouse space for fulfillment and distribution.  However, what happens when you need short term or temporary warehousing space in an emergency? It’s essential to find a reliable, clean and secure warehouse quickly, which is especially difficult in a rush.

PITT OHIO provided short term, temporary warehouse space to auto manufacturer Aurora, Illinois, near Chicago.  During a parts recall, this manufacturer needed temporary and short-term warehouse space to store the additional auto parts since their current warehouse distribution was at full capacity. PITT OHIO presented the manufacturer with immediate local warehousing options within 3 days of their request.

Beyond simply providing warehouse space for improved distribution and fulfillment, PITT OHIO was able to support the auto manufacturer with their process.  We learned that the manufacturer ships auto parts to the supply warehouse where workers unload and store the products until the car dealerships or mechanic shops place an order.  When contacted that a repair is taking place, the warehouse workers pull and ship the auto part orders via LTL and Truckload to the car dealerships or mechanic shops.   PITT OHIO manages the entire inbound and outbound traffic for the warehouse, creating simplicity for the auto manufacturer and an exceptional customer service experience for their customers.

You can rely on PITT OHIO to manage every phase in your supply chain.  It may start with temporary or short term warehouse space for your products, but we can also complete your distribution and fulfillment with truck transportation. Coordinating a seamless supply chain solution from start to finish begins and ends with excellent customer service. Do you need emergency storage space? Do you need a complete supply chain solution from start to finish for your products? Let us help, call us today.

Storage for auto parts
Auto parts recall finds short term warehouse solution
Warehouse worker picks items in short term warehouse

The Best Short-Term Warehousing Solution for Container Shipments

When we moved facilities this year, we did not have enough warehouse space to bring any containers in.  PITT OHIO’s warehouse solution was perfect for us.  We would send our containers directly to their facility in Parma, Ohio and when we needed a container at our facility, PITT OHIO arranged for the transportation and equipment.  Most times, we had our container within a days’ time.  Although we thought this was going to be a short-term project, we were glad to have PITT OHIO on our team for the entire year.  PITT OHIO proved time and time again that they are the best in the business.  The communication from their team and the flexibility in their warehouse solutions exceeded our expectations.”  Theo Mezaris, Warehouse Manager, Interstate McBee

The Best Short-Term Warehousing Solution for Container Shipments
The Best Short-Term Warehousing Solution for Container Shipments

Convenient Locations for Your Warehousing Needs

With owned and outsourced warehouse locations throughout North America, we will find the warehouse space you need. Tell us your production and distribution patterns and we will make sure the warehouse fits your business and keeps your supply chain intact.

PITT OHIO’s has 25 strategic terminal locations to support your transportation needs. Our terminals are located in key cities that serve as hubs for drivers, services, and equipment. Our strategic locations enables us to quickly provide drivers, support and meet your changing needs.

Warehouse Solutions That Work

We can give you the flexibility you need so that you get what you want to help move your business forward. We understand your business is different than anyone else’s. We listen to truly collaborate and provide a solution that works.


Maximize Efficiency

By bundling our transportation, warehouse, and management services into an integrated solution, you gain more cost-effective efficiencies in your supply chain.


Flexibility on the Spot

No need to scramble with changing business demands, you have the ability to cancel the long-term contracts, simplify your inventory surges and make decisions on demand.


Rest Easy

As your business grows, we can scale up quickly, while giving you accurate day to day management of your inventory and exceptional customer service.


Better Customer Service

With late in the day order processing and next day service, you are able to maximize the speed of delivering your products to your customers.

Fast and Flexible

We know that you need speed and flexibility.  So, we’ve designed our warehouse solutions to support your fast moving and short term warehouse needs.  Each customer relies on our inventory warehouse system to track and monitor each items stored with us.  So, count on us for the easiest and fastest way to track and store your freight or inventory.

Warehouse & Distribution FAQs

Get answers to common warehouse and distribution service questions from PITT OHIO experts.

Warehouse and distribution FAQs


"PITT OHIO continues to push the boundaries of customer support and solution options. The PITT OHIO team was able to secure Weaver Materiel Services prime warehouse space in a very short period of time to help us expand our business into a new region. The continued support and solutions provided has tremendous value to our business, we are very thankful for our business relationship with PITT OHIO."

Drew Weaver, VP of Sales and Marketing, Weaver Materiel Services

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