Warehousing space booked in a day

Warehousing Space in a Day

Flexible Warehousing Space for Distribution and Fulfillment

With the ups and downs of the US economy, providing flexible and scalable warehousing space is vital for manufacturers and shippers. PITT OHIO’s warehouses give manufacturers short term and flexible warehousing solutions.  When a global technology company ran out of warehouse space on the east coast, they needed an urgent solution.

PITT OHIO quickly engaged with the customer to uncover essential requirements and possible challenges in finding immediate warehouse space for 25 trailers of products.  Within one day, our strategists found the right size warehouse space and operations equipment, like forklifts, to meet the product’s storage and distribution demands.

The well-trained staff rapidly unloaded the trailers and stored the pallets of product in a safe, secure location.  To keep their supply chain moving efficiently, the customer also needed their products delivered to three different distribution centers on the east coast.  Our Operations team arranged a time-sensitive shuttle service from the warehouse to the customer’s distribution centers.

PITT OHIO’s quick action not only ensured that the customer’s supply chain stayed in motion, but it demonstrated our commitment to providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Warehousing services help to ensure that the products are ready to move when required, and reduces the risk of costly delays in supply chain operations.  Whether you need storage for manufacturing, retail, or e-commerce products, PITT OHIO will provide the best solution for your business.

We offer storage and fulfillment options and full-service logistic capabilities including product consolidation, temporary warehousing, and full load management. Our commitment to customer service and ability to provide a range of solutions for our customers makes us the best choice for your warehousing needs.