Avoid Demurrage fees and retrieve containers in time

Unlock Savings: Reduce Demurrage Charges on Your Imports

Importer Avoids Growing Demurrage Charges; Toys from Overseas Delivered in Time for Christmas

Our Drayage and Transloading services help importers get their shipping containers from the port to their destination. Transloading options with us are ideal for importers seeking relief from demurrage charges.  Our company has worked with east coast and west coast ports for years, so we know how to take your shipments from the water all the way to your destination. No matter what you need us to do, we’ll make sure it gets done right—and fast. 

The nation’s largest toy distributor had 30 containers sitting at the Port of Los Angeles that had accrued $100K in demurrage fees.  Unable to find trucking capacity on their own to retrieve the toy filled containers, the importer asked PITT OHIO to clear the freight from the port.  

Due to the high demurrage fees, the PITT OHIO team got to work immediately retrieving containers and moving them out of the Port of LA to stop the demurrage fees. PITT OHIO offloaded the containers to a warehouse in California before returning the containers to the port, saving any per diem fees.  Warehouse staff palletized the toys and prepared the freight for truck transport to the Marines Toys for Tots warehouse in Cincinnati, OH in time for the Christmas holiday.

We know how important it is for importers to receive reliable drayage and transloading services.  Keeping our customers informed and updated of their valuable containers is a priority to us.  We want to ensure there is no guesswork in your shipping plans.  We will handle everything from any port to the final destination.