Retrieving shipping containers from the West Coast Ports

Direct Drayage from Ports Protects Your Products from Damage

There are some situations, like importing fragile products, where transloading services is not ideal. To minimize handling, this importer prefers direct drayage services to the final destination because their golf cart assembly kits and chassis are highly susceptible to damage during transport.

Recently, the manufacturer had 30 containers of golf cart assembly kits arriving at various ocean and rail ports around the United States. Although transloading with inland transportation is a good way to reduce drayage costs, this particular importer prefers to minimize handling and use their own trained staff to unload and assemble the golf cart kits at the final destination point.

Golf cart kits are highly susceptible to damage and require direct drayage.

PITT OHIO transports the containers from the ocean port or rail head to a shipping yard and the containers are domiciled until the golf cart retailer is ready to accept the shipment.   When ready for the products, the golf cart retailer sets an appointment for delivery.  PITT OHIO consistently arrives on-time to meet with the importer’s staff of trained assemblers for offloading and damage inspection.

Direct drayage needed when products can be damaged

We monitor the container’s statuses and communicate with the importer daily which containers are pending delivery or have been delivered.  PITT OHIO has a network of reliable drivers across the United States who we trust to dray containers to their final destinations, on time and damage-free.

PITT OHIO will work with importers to understand their shipping container needs and create the optimum transloading and drayage solution for their business.  When importers prioritize damage free delivery at scheduled appointment times, PITT OHIO guarantees quality control by minimizing handling with direct drayage while also complying with appointment deliveries.