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Distributors Outsource Private Fleets For Reliable Performance

Managing your own fleet is expensive and time consuming. Outsourcing intra-company fleet operations starts with trusting a safe and reliable dedicated fleet management company, like PITT OHIO, who optimize and outsource private fleets, equipment, and operations.

We help companies avoid the expense and hassles of managing their own fleet.  Leading distributors and manufacturers are gaining back time in their day and improving shipping resources. Outsource your transportation and rely on PITT OHIO’s expertise with equipment and staffing efficiencies.

When a heating, cooling, and plumbing distributor needed to replenish its parts inventory at their branches daily, they faced a decision: re-capitalize their fleet or outsource it to a dedicated fleet management partner.

The challenges included unique branch delivery schedules.  Each branch has a delivery schedule that needs to be met by a fleet of tractors and trailers.  Another challenge is their fleet of vehicles were aging which increased maintenance costs, travel time, and vehicle down time.  The clients’ goal was to reduce operating costs with a solution that provided a consistent level of service to their customers and branch locations but didn’t know how to accomplish it.

PITT OHIO performed a network fleet optimization analysis and determined we could reduce the client’s equipment pool by 2 tractors and 10 trailers.  By relying on us for their dedicated transportation, we determined the right level of equipment and resources needed.  After extensive research and coordination, we designed a program that optimized their parts inventory and reduced the capital expenses required to maintain their own fleet. With dedicated fleet transportation from PITT OHIO, the client reduced its annual intra-company transportation expenditure by 9%.

When you outsource private fleets with an expert trucking company like PITT OHIO, you are guaranteed reliable truck capacity and staffing; saving on large capital expenditures; guaranteed service requirements your customers expect; you gain time to focus on other areas of your job.  Contact PITT OHIO to see how outsourcing your internal fleet can help you.

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