International Freight Forwarding

How To Deliver With Drayage and Transloading Services

When a shipment arrives at an East Coast or West Coast Port, a trusted Drayage service can take that shipment and transport it to a destination, typically a local warehouse near the port. Transloading service unloads freight from one mode of transportation and reloads it to another before it reaches its final destination (e.g. Ocean, Rail, LTL trucks and FTL trucks). For inland transportation, Final Mile Service is used to deliver the cargo to its final destination. Read on to understand how drayage and transloading services work in tandem to better your supply chain network.

Drayage service is considered to be the first mile in the supply chain and it is one of the most important steps. A seamless drayage service on the front end ensures the journey from ship to final destination is a success for importers.  It is reported that there are over 60 million drayage movements each year in North America.

Let’s take a look at how PITT OHIO uses Drayage, Transloading, and Final Mile Transport to help importers with their cargo at the ports, railheads, inland and warehouses.

Drayage, Transloading and Final Mile Transport

Drayage via truck
Drayage and Transloading Services
Transloading and Drayage Services

Importers use a combination of ship, truck, and/or rail to get their products to the buyer’s warehouse. and to the shelves for consumers. There are many steps within the supply chain to get your cargo from ship to shelf, and importers are turning to PITT OHIO for exceptional Drayage and Transloading services.