Shipping containers stacked on an international ship

Shipping Containers for the Best International Freight Forwarding

The next time you see a giant ship moving across the waters, take a moment to appreciate the colorful boxes stacked neatly on deck.  These shipping containers represent the lifeblood of global trade. From specialized containers for hazardous materials to temperature-controlled units for delicate perishables, there’s a container for practically every cargo imaginable. The world of shipping boasts a diverse range of shipping containers, each designed to meet the needs for your specific international freight forwarding. Let’s discuss the most common types:

Dry Storage Containers: These containers in the shipping industry are the most universal, used for general cargo that doesn’t require temperature control. They come in various sizes, with the standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers being the most popular.

Flat rack container for global logistics

Flat Rack Containers: Imagine a giant metal platform. Ideal for oversized or odd-shaped cargo like machinery or vehicles, these have collapsible sides for easier loading from the top or sides.

Open Top containers for global shipping

Open Top Containers: As the name suggests, these containers lack a solid roof, allowing cargo to be loaded from above. They’re often covered with a tarp for protection and are suitable for tall or bulky items that wouldn’t fit through standard doors.

Tunnel container for global logistics

Tunnel Containers: These containers scream efficiency because they have doors on both ends, facilitating faster loading and unloading. They’re perfect for situations where cargo needs to be accessed from both sides, like at ports or container terminals.

Open side container for global logistics

Open Side Containers: Need quick side loading or unloading? Look no further than open side containers. These have removable panels along the sides, making them ideal for palletized cargo or oversized items that wouldn’t fit through the doors.

refrigerated container for global logistics

Refrigerated Containers (Reefer Containers): Perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals require special care during transport. Enter reefer containers, equipped with temperature control systems to maintain optimal conditions throughout the journey.

tank containers for global transportation

Tank Containers: Liquids and gases have their own special containers. Tank containers are essentially giant mobile tanks, often made of stainless steel, for safe and efficient transportation of bulk liquids, chemicals, and even gases.

These shipping containers are the colorful foundation of global trade, ensuring that goods reach their destinations safely and efficiently.  Let’s talk today about your international freight forwarding needs and how PITT OHIO is making a difference for importers and exporters like you.